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I travel the world and the country bringing you first-hand looks at what’s going on on the border, in riots, protests, and movements. I frequently work with Steve Bannon, and I am an editor at Populist Press.

I was the videographer for Brian Kolfage & Steve Bannon’s We Build the Wall, the March for Trump Bus tour that culminated in DC on January 6th, worked with America’s Voice News on the border, and WFFA on a border tour.

Brian Kolfage and Steve Bannon sent me around the world to film border walls and counter-terror efforts. They sent me to cover the Hong Kong protests and undercover in the Portland riots.

I’m currently on my own border tour documenting the crisis (Sept. 2022). Subscribe to see what I see!

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International Video-Journalist fighting for freedom. 1A, 2A, Liberty.


International videographer filming riots, border wall construction, political rallies, the Hong Kong protests, and counter-terrorism efforts around the world.